Common Sexual Health Problems and Ways to Treat Them


Sexual problems are often common and may occur at any age. Sexual dysfunction can happen at any stage of sexual activity and is known to affect relationships to a great extent. Sexual dysfunctions are mainly a consequence of physical or mental stress which lead to changes in hormone levels. Unhealthy lifestyle is also one of the causes of sexual health problem these days. In olden times, it was believed that sexual problems arise due to masturbation in childhood or having too much sex as an adult. There could be many other causes of sexual dysfunction leading to one’s inability to fully enjoy sex life.

Both males and females encounter sexual health problems. Every problem has a treatment for it.

Some of the common sexual health problems along with their treatment options are listed below.

Lack of Desire or Low Libido:

  • Lack of desire or no sexual craving is a common sexual health issue experienced by either sex.  A couple or individual may feel lack of interest in sexual fantasies or activities and their relationship may suffer due to that. Low sex drive may occur due to lower levels of estrogen hormone in females and testosterone in males.
  • Other reasons could be over exertion, anxiety, depression and stress. This problem can be solved by consulting a therapist who could help the patient by finding new ways of thinking about sex. The therapist might recommend the patient to watch erotic films and develop fantasies. It is very important for either men or women to talk about their problem with the therapist in detail.
Low Libido: Treatment in Ayurveda

Difficulty in achieving Orgasm:

  • The inability to achieve orgasm or experiencing delayed orgasm is a common sexual health problem with both males and females. Anti-depressant medications may lead to an inability to orgasm. Anxiety and depression are other causes due to which an individual feels difficulty in achieving orgasm.

Pain during intercourse:

  • Pain during sex is a common condition experienced by both males and females. It is called Dyspareunia which refers to a recurrent or persistent genital pain leading to distress in a relationship. In females it could be due to vaginal dryness/ lack of lubrication or due to endometriosis (growth of uterus lining tissues out of the uterus).
  • It could be also due to pre-existing injury to the vagina. Pain during intercourse is also known as Vulvar Vestibulitis or Vaginisums. The condition brings about spasms that lead to pain or burning sensation during intercourse. In males, it could be due to some physical problem.

Vaginal dryness in Females:

  • Vaginal dryness starts in females due to certain hormonal changes in their body as they set in for menopause. This often leads to impaired sexual arousal and at times pain during intercourse. Vaginal dryness may also occur due to anxiety or fear. Hormone Replacement Therapies, tropical creams, lubrication tubes may be advised to over this problem.

Ejaculation Problems like Premature Ejaculation / Spermatorrhoea in Males:

  • Inability to ejaculate or ejaculate before are considered to be Ejaculation problems. This could be a result of sexual trauma, or sexual anxiety or side effect of some medication. Spermatorrhoea is the involuntary discharge of semen without having any orgasm especially during sleep.
  • A sleep lab is done to monitor erections during sleep. This information helps the doctor to diagnose if the erectile dysfunction is due to any problem with vascular or nervous system. The treatment focuses on reducing anxiety.
Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Ayurveda

Erectile Dysfunction in Males:

  • Erectile Dysfunction refers to the condition when the penis fails to stay erect or become erect, making it difficult to perform intercourse. It happens due to anxiety, hypertension and in some cases due to diabetes in males.  It could be a result of physiological and psychological factors. Side effects of some medication may also lead to ED.


  • It occurs when the sperm count falls below the fertility levels and the sperms exhibit morphological abnormalities.

In some cases, the doctor may do a thorough physical exam, check the blood pressure, look for any neurological disorder or any vascular disorder and any other issue that might be affecting the penis or testicles. Blood tests may be done to rule out any kidney, liver, thyroid problem and also to check diabetes. Blood work also checks the hormone levels. An ultrasound exam is done to measure the blood flow within the penis.

According to Ayurveda

  • In Ayurveda, the treatment of impotence in males is called Vajikarna therapy. This therapy helps in increasing the span of erection and increases the sperm count. Herbal preparations are readily available in stores. These preparation help in supplying nutrients that are needed for the production of semen and also rejuvenate the reproductive organs.
  • Medicines that could increase blood stream to the penis and improve overall blood circulation are also prescribed e.g. Ayurvedic medicines help to boost self-confidence.
    1. Tribulus Power,
    2. Atisardi Churna,
    3. Shilajit,
    4. Chandraprabha vati
  • There are medicated oils like Tribull oil, Amogh Passion Oil and many more that should be used to massage the whole body to make one stress free and free from physical exertion.

Practicing Yoga and Meditation

  • Help in relieving stress and anxiety which is the underlying cause of all sexual health problems in both males and females.
  • Getting sex education and sexual practices and reactions also help in overcoming some of the problems.

Prevention,Diet & Tips

  • It is always recommended to exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and avoid hot and spicy foods. It is also recommended to keep a gap of four days between two consecutive intercourses.
  • A healthy diet that includes lots of protein, ghee, green vegetables, fruits and nuts is very beneficial. A balanced diet keeps the body fit and reduces chances of fatigue.


  • It is very important to discuss the sexual health problem one is facing with his /her spouse, with the Therapist or health care provided. One has to be honest and open while discussing the problem. Risk of all sexual problems or sexual dysfunction increases with age as the hectic lifestyle makes people age faster