Health Benefits of Neem in Treating Diabetes


If the guesses of WHO is to be believed, 1.6 million deaths are directly bonded with diabetes annually & globally. WHO also claims that by the year 2030, diabetes would be the 7th largest killer on this globe? India is the capital of diabetes in the world. Diabetes is a chronic, metabolic disease, which is characterized by elevated levels of blood glucose (or blood sugar), which, if ignored may also pose serious damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and nerves. Lack of awareness and late diagnosis often makes it difficult to control the diabetes and better be ready to face the music.

Health Benefits of Neem in Treating Diabetes

  • Neem is a household name in India and neem trees can be seen swaying in almost every house in the rural sector. Ayurveda texts are all but praise for this evergreen medicinal plant, as it doesn’t have a single negative effect on any part of the living mammals.
  • It has numerous positive effects and thus rejuvenates the liver, skin, heart, almost all the organs of the body from tip to toe.
  • The toxins that accumulate in any part of the body, neem  detoxify them and flushes them out from the body and doesn’t let them enter again if you keep using its different parts as it is available in raw form, juice or oil and in dried powder form too.
  • It regularizes the blood flow after reducing the blood sugar level and maintains a steady level.
  • Diabetic patients have dry and itchy skin texture, it moisturizes it and drives away the dryness.
  • Neem has lots of anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anthelmintic properties, thus providing numerous benefits.
  • Neem oil can be extracted with diluted alcohol, ethyl acetate, petrol ether and ether.
  • It also possesses amorphous
  • Neem is packed with anti-bacterial properties, which is why it tastes terribly bitter.
  • It also serves as a natural insecticide. In the current times neem is used as a substitute to urea fertilizer, especially in India.
  • It also enhances the fertility of soil, making the fertilizers more potent and helps in reduction of pollution from the environment to a great extent.
  • All parts of it has healthy properties in appreciable number, from tip to toe.
  • May be it concerns its roots, bark of a neem tree, branches and twigs, leaves, seeds and flowers.
How to Control Diabetes Naturally

Part of Neem that is used in Diabetes:

  • Extracts from its leaves and seeds are considered the best for controlling diabetes. It’s a well known fact that once you become diabetic, no medicine is made yet that can find a cure to this messy  disease and it invites many other infections to strike, neem prevents your body from them.
  • It has also proved scientifically that neem has a massive efficacy in treating diabetes. Numerous diabetic patients are treated by neem all over the globe.
  • Its leaf extractions broaden the blood vessels, thus enhancing the blood circulation and reduces the need for hypo-glycemic drugs.
  • These have also proved to lower or minimize the use of insulin in diabetic persons.
  • Neem tablets help in reducing blood glucose level.
  • These tablets can be  taken in advance to prevent the chances of getting diabetes.
  • Make a habit to have them included with your diet. If you find the taste a little bitter, think about its benefits before you have them, and you will never feel shy or awkward before having them.
  • If you still are perplexed, take its Ayurvedic capsules, which don’t have a taste, but are as much beneficial.

In Diabetic foot:

  • If you have fungal infection in between the toe and hallux, wash your feet with warm water.
  • Pat dry them with a dry and clean towel.
  • Dry them between the toe and hallux completely.
  • Dab neem oil on it and wash it off with plain water and a mild soap after some time.
  • Repeat this procedure in the morning too.

For uncontrolled blood sugar:

  • The blood sugar level is too high during diabetes and a strict diet needs to be followed to control the sugar level. If it leads to an uncontrolled manner it can cause erectile dysfunction, lower the sperm count, reduces libido, causes heart and kidney troubles.

How to Use

  • Get 2-3 teaspoons of fresh neem flowers and soft neem leaves and soak them in water for the whole night.
  • Crush them in the grinder early in the morning after adding some amount of water.
  • Squeeze the juice and mix it in ½ cup of  plain water.
  • Drink this early in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • These can also be collected in huge numbers during their blossoming season and dried in the sunlight only.
  • Once dried, grind them to make a powder and use it all year long to reap in the maximum benefits.
  • Store them in a cool & dry place in an air tight jar.

Skin infection:

  • Due to diabetes skin infections happen quite frequently and the reason behind it is the presence of fungus, bacteria and yeast. These infections can be prevented if you apply neem leaves on the skin texture, at least once a week will be fine.

How to Use

  • Get a handful of fresh neem leaves and crush them and make a paste by adding some water in them.
  • Apply it directly on the skin texture and wash it off with plain water after 20 minutes.
  • If you are not able to access fresh neem leaves, dry them, make a powder after grinding them. Dip some powder in water and let it soften down for 15 minutes before applying on the skin texture.
  • It prevents  dryness of the skin and provides moisture.
  • Add a few drops of neem oil in bathing water to wither away the microbes.

According to studies, neem possesses qualities like hypoglycemic or has the power to reduce blood sugar level. Therefore it becomes obligatory to control the high level of blood sugar before it causes any further damage and then you have to face the repercussions.

Then you will not get the time to regret over the split milk. Neem prevents and delays some of the diseases from infecting your body. Oxidative stress is also caused by diabetes, it hinders its way from building up.

Neem Oil

  • Neem oil or neem extracts have numerous anti-diabetic properties that regularizes the diabetes in your body, thus maintaining your health.
  • It never lets you run into dire straits, but saves your body in keeping it alive & kicking.
  • Its benefits make you enjoy the  life in a more better way and the world around you looks more beautiful.
  • Try it, but better make sure the neem tree you are using is an organic one.