Health Benefits of Terminalia Arjuna

In ancient India, medicinal plants were used to prevent various acute and chronic disorders and they would be the best source to obtain a variety of drugs. Medicinal plants contain some compounds which have physiological effects on the human health and some examples of bioactive compounds include alkaloids, tannins, terpenoids, steroids, flavonoids, and phenols.

The heart is considered as one of the vital organs of the human body. In today’s world, heart disorders are becoming very common due to wrong lifestyle, and stressful life.

Health Benefits of Terminalia Arjuna: A Remedy at The Heart Of Your Health
Health Benefits of Terminalia Arjuna: A Remedy at The Heart Of Your Health

In modern medicine, the treatment of heart disorders include the expensive interventional procedures but studies on Terminalia arjuna has shown improvement in ECG changes, LV function, decrease in prothrombin time, hypocholesterolemic effect, etc.

Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) is an herb known for its cardioprotective properties and belongs to Combretaceae family. Various Ayurvedic texts such as Charak Samhita, Sushrut Samhita, Ashtang Hridyam have mentioned the uses of Arjuna bark. It was Vagbhata who, for the first time, advocated the use of its stem bark powder in heart ailments.

Its bark has been used by Indian physicians for anginal pain, congestive heart failure, hypertension, dyslipidemia for centuries.

What are the Pharmacological Properties of Arjun Bark?

Extract of the stem bark of Arjun has many pharmacological properties such as inotropic, anti-oxidant, antiplatelet, blood pressure lowering, antihypertrophic, anti-ischemic, antiatherogenic, etc.

What are the Medicinal Properties of Terminalia Arjuna?

  • Rasa (Taste): Astringent (Kashaya)
  • Veerya (Potency): Cold (Sheeta)
  • Guna (Qualities): Light (laghu), rooksha (dry)
  • Vipaka (taste conversion after digestion): Pungent (katu)
  • Effect on Tridosha: Balances all the three doshas- balances Pitta and Kapha Dosha.
  • Part Used: Bark

How Heart Disorders are Treated in Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda, there are 5 clinical descriptions of Hridyaroga (ischemic heart disease).

These are

  1. Vataj
  2. Pittaj
  3. Kaphaj
  4. Tridoshaj
  5. Krimija

In Ayurveda, the main aim of the treatment of all heart disorders is to promote Agni (bio-fire) and to purify the srotas (channels), the use of natural herbs that have anti-stress and hypolipedemic activities.

What are the Health Benefits of Terminalia Arjuna on Heart Health?

Arjuna is considered a heart tonic, gives strength to the muscles of the heart, improves cardiac function and rhythm.

1. Gives Protection to the Heart

Arjuna herb acts as a cardio-tonic that can boost the heart function and heals cardiac injury and trauma.

  • It helps with recuperation of people who’ve had a heart attack or angina.
  • This herb improves the symptoms of congestive heart failure. It is a condition where the heart is not able to pump sufficient blood to meet the body’s requirement of oxygen which has the symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing, chronic pain etc.

2. Maintains Blood Pressure

It helps in maintaining blood pressure by increasing the peripheral resistance by constricting capillaries which lead to a rise in blood pressure levels.

3. Fights Lipid Disorders

High cholesterol or hyperlipidemia can increase the risk of heart problems and atherosclerosis.

  • Arjuna herb reduces the lipid peroxidation (degradation of lipids that results in cell damage).

4. Boosts Energy and Exercise Performance

Arjuna helps in enhancing the endurance while exercising.

  • The muscles require oxygen for exercise and in turn, heart needs to pump sufficient blood to meet the requirements.

Therefore, its bark is used in all heart problems with milk (Ksheerpaka method). Ksheera Kalpana is the original contribution of Master Sushruta and the bark of Arjuna is used to prepare Arjuna Ksheerpaka.

Other Health Benefits of Arjuna Include

In Ayurveda, apart from the bark, other parts of Arjuna such as Pushpa (flowers) are used in Vatarakta and Pittarakta disorders, Patra (leaves) in Vrana, Shakha (twigs) in Dantadhavana are used.

  1. Being astringent in nature, it acts as Stambhan and useful in bleeding disorders and useful in relieving ulcers and wounds caused due to Kapha and Pitta imbalance.
  2. Due to its styptic properties, Arjuna is useful in dysentery, UTI, pus in urine etc.
  3. It is also used as an ingredient in Ayurvedic tooth powders as it helps to treat bleeding gums due to its astringent properties.
  4. It is also beneficial in healing fractures quickly.

What are the Herbal Remedies of Planet Ayurveda that Contain Terminalia Arjuna?

1. Arjuna Capsules

Arjuna Capsules of Planet Ayurveda are prepared using the standardized extract of the herb Terminalia arjuna. These capsules are rich in anti-oxidants that provide strength to the heart muscles, therefore these capsules are best heart tonic, heart protector, rich in coenzyme Q10 that strengthens the heart. Therefore, heart problems such as ischemia, myocardial infarction, decreasing LDL levels and maintains blood pressure and HDL levels in the blood.


(Reference: Bhav Prakash Nighantu/Vatadi Varg/Shloka No. 27)

Meaning: In this shloka, the properties and uses of Arjuna herb have been described. According to this shloka, Arjuna is astringent in taste with cool potency. It is extremely beneficial in heart disorders which are used to heal injuries, general weakness, and works as an antidote. It is also used in blood and lymph disorders, diabetes and wounds. It pacifies Pitta and Kapha Dosha.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules twice daily with plain water.

2. Arjun Tea

Arjun tea is quite beneficial in all heart ailments, including high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, blood pressure, congestive heart failure, etc., enhances the natural pumping capacity of the heart, provides strength to the heart and vascular system, tones and strengthens the arterial system and heart muscles.

Ingredients Used in the Preparation of Arjun Tea

Each 5 gm contains

Sr. No. Botanical Name Common Name Parts used Quantity
1. Terminalia arjuna Arjuna Bark 3.20 gm
2. Boerhavia diffusa Punarnava Roots 0.60 gm
3. Ficus religiosa Pipal tvak Bark 0.40 gm
4. Cinnamomum zeylanicum Dalchini Bark 0.40 gm
5. Elettaria cardamom Choti Elaichi Seeds 0.40 gm

Dosage: One cup twice a day.

3. Total Heart Support Capsules

These capsules by Planet Ayurveda contain the standardized extracts of various herbs that are quite effective in all the disorders of the heart such as congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, breathlessness due to the weak heart muscle, etc.  These capsules provide strength to the ailing heart muscle.

Ingredients of Total Heart Support Capsules are

Sr. No. Botanical Name Common Name Quantity
1. Terminalia arjuna Arjuna 200 mg
2. Withania somnifera Ashwagandha 100 mg
3. Bacopa monnieri Brahmi 100 mg
4. Convulvus pluricaulis Shankhpushpi 100 mg

Dosage: 2 capsules twice daily with plain water.