Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

When the ingredients like calcium, phosphate, and carbonate are collected in the kidney then gradually it takes the form of stone. As long as all the waste products of the body leave normally with urine, everything is fine, but when they start accumulating in the kidney, stones are formed. A lot of pain occurs while urinating if there are kidney stones.

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones
Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Causes of Calculus

  1. Those men and women who are not careful about their food habits they have more chances of getting this disease.
  2. Kidney stones are made due to over eating of sour-sweet junk food, oily foods, hot and strong spices. Those who always consume these kinds of food,there is more formation of alkalines and acids in the body resulting in the inflammation of kidneys.
  3. Occasionally eating a diet against the one recommended in the season also leads to kidney stones.
  4. Initially, this calculus is small and gradually becomes larger.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

After the formation of stones, irritation occurs during urination. Sometimes there is so much pain while urinating that person becomes restless. The kidney stone moves downwards and sometimes passes in the urine, causing a lot of pain to the patient.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

1. Kulthi

Soak 250 grams of kulthi in 3 liters of water. Cook the bloomed kulthi on low flame for about 4 hours till it reduces to one litre.Now mix  it with 50 grams of Pure ghee, rock salt, black pepper, cumin and turmeric. Consuming it can help to get rid of Gall and Kidney stones. After grinding 2 grams of garlic, mix the garlic paste with Javakhar, give the the same mixture to the patient in morning and evening for few days, the kidney stones will flush out.

2. Papaya

Grind the root of 6 grams of papaya and add it to 50 ml water and drink it in the morning and evening for 21 days, the stone will expel out.

3. Henna

Boil 6 grams of Henna leaves in 500 ml water. When 150 ml water is left, filter it and consume it for 2-3 days and then the kidney pain will be cured.

  • Radish: Mix 100 ml juice of sugarcane with radish juice and after consuming it empty stomach in the morning, only in a few days the kidney stones are eroded and the pain will ease out.
  • Maize: Boil 20 grams of corn bark in 200 ml water and when the water reduces to only 100 ml, filter, and drink. This will reduce kidney stone pain.

4. Tulsi

Take 20 grams of dry leaves of basil, 20 grams of oregano and 10 grams of rock salt and make powder. Take 3 grams of this powder with lukewarm water every morning and evening, it kills the kidney pain.

5. Cinnamon


Prepare the powder of cinnamon and have 1 gram of powder with water. The kidney pain is relieved.

6. Melons

Peel the seeds of melon, crush and mix it in the water and take a little warm water and drink it. The pain of the kidneys will go away.

7. Oregano

Drink the powdered oregano (3gm) with warm water. Drinking it will help to flush out the stones from the kidneys.

8. Choulai

Eating the gravy of Choulai daily will flush out the stones and the pain will ease out.

9. Bitter Gourd

Mix honey in 20 ml juice of bitter gourd and drink it every day. It clears the stones through the urine. By making a vegetable of bitter gourd and eating it every day, the stone will be finished.

10. Cucumber Juice

Take cucumber juice 150 ml 2-3 times per day, kidney stones will flush out.

11. Jamun

  • By eating Jamun daily, kidney stones will gradually expel.
  • By consuming vegetable of Drumsticks, the kidney stones gradually passes through the urine and the pain goes away.

12. JavaKhar

  • Take 250 mililitre of cow’s milk mixed with 5 grams of Javakhar and drink it twice a day, kidney stones will be removed.
  • Mix 2-2 grams of Javakhar and sugar, grind it and consume it with water, the stone breaks down and comes out with urine.

13. Spinach

Take 100 ml of coconut water, add 10 ml of spinach in it and drink it for 14 days.You will get rid of stones from your kidney.

14. Parsley

Take 1 to 4 grams of powdered fruit of parsley in morning and evening and it benefits in stone disease. Be careful, not to give this medicine to epilepsy patients and pregnant women.

  • Filter the fine powder of the root of the Patha with warm water. Drinking this filtered water in the morning and evening gives full benefit in Kidney Stones.
  • The kidney stones end with the intake of 5 to 10 grams of mixture of roots of Achyranthus Aspera along with bacon and papaya taken in the morning and evening. If it is taken with the urine of sheep, then there is more benefit in stone disease.
  • Mix the powder of Gokshur seeds with 3 to 6 grams of goat milk and consume it twice daily. It will surely help in kidney stones.

So, we can cure Kidney stones at home as well and we have so many options for the same. As we know prevention is better than cure. We must eat a balanced diet and avoid junk foods to prevent kidney stones. We must keep our body hydrated in any weather. As life these days is too fast, we may not get the time to use these home remedies. In that scenario, you have the perfect and dream option of Planet Ayurveda. We have Revive Kidneys Pack with us which has proven track record and cured thousands of kidney patients who are living a normal and healthy life after getting cure from our Ayurvedic medicines.