Home Remedies For Swimmer’s Ear

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Swimmer’s ear or otitis externa is a chronic inflammation of the ear that is present in the ear for more than four weeks or occurs repeatedly. There can be various causes for it like a bacterial infection, eczema, seborrhea, fungal infection, long use of hearing devices, swabs, insertion of cotton, allergy or in rare cases due to the presence of a tumor in the ear. You have to watch out for this ear disease if you are too much into swimming stuff. This condition can be really painful. Along with pain, there is discharge from the ear and itching. Usually, it is a very common condition which affects many people. As the name suggests, people who have too much exposure to water have an increased risk of developing this inflammatory condition. Sometimes there can be a temporary loss of hearing also. Commonly, there are no complications following swimmer’s ear but in some cases, the infection spread to the bone of the ear and results in abscess or perforation of the eardrum.

Following Some Home Remedies can Help you to Manage this Painful Condition in a very Natural Way:

1. Dry and Clean Ear

In the case of swimmer’s ear, any contact with water or the presence of dampness in the ear can make the condition worse. Hence, you must avoid it.  You can use a shower cap while bathing in order to prevent water from entering the ear. Don’t even think about renewing the swimming until the inflammation is gone completely. Any discharge or debris present in the ear should be removed so that the hygiene of the ear is maintained and infection is kept under control. But remember, do not insert the bud or swab of cotton into the ear, do it gently.

2. Heat Application

Blood flow is increased by applying heat application to the affected area. Heat also increases the white blood cell circulation at the site of infection which fights and control the infection. You can apply hot towel or hot water bottle (wrapped in a towel) on the ear, it will fight the infection and relieve the pain.

3. Natural Ear Drop

Alcohol and vinegar ear drop can work a miracle in the case of swimmer’s ear. Both have been used for a long time to treat this condition naturally. You can make this natural ear drop by mixing equal quantities of both the things, i.e. isopropyl alcohol and vinegar and then pour a few drops of it in the affected ear. Both the ingredients of this amazing ear drops wonderful works together and annihilate the infection. Alcohol gets mixed with water and evaporates, leaving a dry ear behind, which is very necessary in this case and acidity of vinegar hinders the growth of bacteria causing infection.

In case, perforation has already occurred, do not use these ear drops and consult a doctor.

4. Mullein Oil

Ear pain and infection have been treated with mullein oil for a long time. Owing to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it helps to relieve pain and all other inflammatory symptoms and signs. Take warm mullein oil and use it as an ear drop, pour a few drops into the ear. Use only warm oil does not take it too hot. Test on hand before pouring into the ear.

5. Garlic

When it comes to infections whether be any, garlic has always helped to tackle them. Garlic possesses anti-inflammatory properties which help to treat all the signs and symptoms of infections. Research has shown that an extract of garlic can hinder the growth of the bacteria which causes the infection. You can add a crushed clove of garlic in olive oil, heat it. Let it cool down and take out the crushed garlic clove and pour the cooled oil into the affected ear.

6. Tea Tree Oil

Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties of this amazing essential oil help to treat the swimmer’s ear. In research, it is found that most of the microbes are susceptible to these properties of tea tree oil. However, it is very strong so one should consult a physician before using it.

7. Turmeric Milk

Curcumin is the main potent content of turmeric, which has found to be very useful in treating various health ailments. It is full of anti-inflammatory and healing properties which help to kick the infection out of the ear. It also helps to relieve the pain. Drinking turmeric milk is a very famous home remedy used for different conditions. Boil turmeric in milk and drink it when it is lukewarm.

8. Ginger Tea

Ginger is another potent herb which can prove to be an effective remedy for swimmer’s ear.  It’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties help to relieve the condition effectively. Even during research, it is found that ginger is powerful than some of the antibiotics in treating the infection. Also, its effectiveness is compared to allopathic drug ibuprofen, which is used widely to treat pain and infection. You can make a ginger tea by putting one teaspoon of grated ginger in the 1- 2 cups water. Boil it for 2-4 minutes and then strain the solution. Your amazing herbal tea for swimmer’s ear is ready.

9. Tulsi Oil

In India people use tulsi for various purposes, like Tulsi tea for sore throat, tulsi leaves for coughs and similarly tulsi oil for ear infections. This herb is a storehouse of various health properties like anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and analgesic. Thereby, relieves various health ailments.

Use all these home remedies only under the supervision of an Ayurvedic physician. If the problem persists then consult an ENT specialist on priority as home remedies are there only to manage the problem they do not treat it completely.