How To Treat Leprosy in Ayurveda?

Leprosy also known as Hansen’s Disease Symptoms are

  • The appearance of skin wounds that are lighter than normal skin and persists for weeks or months
  • patches of skin with reduced sensation, like touch, pain, and heat
  • muscle get weakened
  • numbness in the hands, feet, legs, and arms, also popular as “glove and stocking anesthesia”
  • eye problems nerves enlarges, especially in the elbows or knees
  • stuffy nose and nose bleeding frequently
  • curling of the fingers and thumb, caused by paralysis of small muscles in the hand
  • ulcers on the soles of the feet

It’s treatment just requires you to be passionate, here a popular number of English song sung by Rod Stewart comes to my mind in which he says,”even the President needs passion.” Even you also need passion. I am not playing a political football.

How To Treat Leprosy in Ayurveda

Some of its risk factors are like

  • Never eat inappropriate food like fish and milk simultaneously
  • Don’t block the toxins when they are coming out of your body by hook or crook through urine, stools and don’t spray deodorants on the armpits.
  • Never eat sweets,milk and yogurt simultaneously.
  • Eat a healthy diet that contains pulses of black gram, meat and fish.
  • While cooking never add these with your dishes like low quality oils, and jaggery.
  • Never consume dishes that have excessive salt.
  • This disease is also genetic, it comes from your fore-fathers

This disease has many fore warnings like injuries, breaks, and burns can not be felt, due to the numbing of sensation caused by nerve damage, potentially becoming more infected or more seriously injured. With time, the extremities can be lost to continuous damage.

The wounds also run the risk of getting infected, as immune defenses are made weak by leprosy. The re-absorption of cartilage by the body means that these side infections can result in tissue loss. This further leads to the characteristic shortening the size of the toes and fingers, which is often seen in leprosy.

Damage to the mucous membrane that covers the internal nose can few times lead to internal damage and scarring. With the passage of time the nose might lastly collapse.

Leprosy can damage the nerves responsible for blinking. This can cause dryness in the eyes which prone eyes to infection, potentially resulting in ulceration and finally blindness.

How To Treat Leprosy in Ayurveda

1.Chenopodium album

  • Eat a veggie of Bathua (Chenopodium album) daily, boil a raw Bathua in water and then rub this water on the white patches, extract 2 cups of its juice add half a cup of sesame oil in it and heat the mixture on a low flame, when only the oil remains, fill it in a bottle and keep massaging your infected area 2-3 times a day. You will get alright, just have some patience.


  • Eat lots of walnuts, because it perishes the poisonous toxins from your body. A walnut tree even makes the land around it darken and this is just a case of mere human skin texture. Keep consuming walnuts for gaining positive results.


  • Take 100 gram of Alfalfa and add it to cucumber juice of the equal amount and drink it, it will certainly help.


  • 4. Garlic water should be mixed with Myrrh (a fragrant gum resin) and make a paste and rub it on the infected part. If you keep adding garlic to your daily meals it will accelerate the healing process.


  • This disease can be managed if you drink 2 glasses of buttermilk every day.

6.Black Gram

  • Dip the black gram in water for overnight and grind it in the morning, make a paste and apply on the infected area for 4 months continuously, it will surely heal

7.Turmeric powder

  • Turmeric powder is a healing remedy that is able to cure plenty of diseases and it can be used to cure many skin ailments. Take 100 gram of turmeric powder and 400ml of spirit and put them both in a bottle. Shake it vigorously under the sunlight.
  • It will work as a tincture to make you come out of your problem of leprosy. Turmeric powder can also be mixed in a glass of warm milk and drink before you hit your sack at least for 6 months regularly to reap in the maximum benefits.


  • Get a basil (Tulsi) tree along with its roots. Wash it thoroughly and grind it to extract its juice. Mix it in half a liter of water and half a liter of mustard oil and keep this mixture on low flame for some time when only the oil is visible. Strain it and fill it in a bottle. Dab it on your infected parts, it will definitely help in erasing them.

9.Neem Leaves

  • The leaves of neem tree has numerous properties to heal lots of skin diseases, it’s flowers, buds should be dried and converted into powder and intake a handful daily.
  • Neem is the strongest trump card for leprosy it’s healing is a minor thing for neem, a specialist that heals plenty of diseases.
  • If a patient of this disease lives under a neem tree he is going to reap in the maximum benefits, he can eat its leaves in raw, drink their juice by grinding them, 1 teaspoon can make his/her day
  • Sleep under a neem tree, you can also splatter its green leaves on the ground and lie on them and when they dry up, swap the leaves with fresh ones.
  • You can use any part of this tree to benefit like its leaves, flowers, buds and even the bark of this tree should be rubbed against the infected area or you can also have the juice by grinding that part, 1 teaspoon is enough for the day
  • I know it tastes bitter, add a teaspoon of raw honey to sweeten its taste
  • Neem is an antibiotic that keeps the ambiance of the place absolutely clean. To heal any wounds, dry its leaves and burn them
  • The ash obtained can be mixed with neem oil and dabbed on the specific wounded area. Its leaves, buds and flowers grind together and mix this powder in a bottle of water
  • Drink this syrup for 40 days continuously, it will be a natural cure for leprosy Mix neem gum with neem juice in equal quantities and it will eradicate the skin diseases.
  • I know using any neem part is an arduous task because of its taste, but when you look at its benefits you don’t give a damn about its taste, just gulp it down.


  • If ignored it can enhance the further complications and this may create a havoc within your body and deteriorate your health. So treat leprosy at the earliest as ‘better be early, otherwise it may turn ugly.