Ideal Diet Chart for Obesity and Weight Loss


There are several ways in which the health of a person in relation to the weight can be measured but the most commonly used method is body mass index (BMI). BMI is the measurement of your weight, whether you have healthy weight for your height.

Obesity is defined as the condition in which there is an accumulation of excessive fat in the body and it may have a negative effect on the health. This increases the risk of diseases and health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and any heart disease.

How to Lose Weight Naturally

What are the causes of obesity?

  • There are several reasons that may cause obesity. It involves genetic, environmental, behavioral and hormonal changes that influence body weight. All these factors play a major role in determining the weight of a person.
  • Genetic factors may cause a change in appetite and fat metabolism. A person who is genetically prone to weight gain i.e., the person having lower metabolism has a high risk of becoming obese.
  • Sedentary lifestyle and inactivity
  • Unhealthy diet and eating habits: Intake of high calories from high-fat foods and doing little or no physical activity will lead to weight gain. It occurs when the body consumes more calories than it burns.
  • Psychological factors may also lead to obesity such as emotional stress, guilt, low self-esteem etc.

What are the Symptoms of Obesity?

  • Snoring
  • Difficulty while doing physical activity
  • Tiredness
  • Backache
  • Joint pain
  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Increased sweating
  • Feeling isolated
  • Depression

Serious health conditions that may increase the risk of developing many serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, sleep apnea, atherosclerosis, asthma, osteoarthritis, kidney and liver-related diseases etc.

Ideal Diet Chart for Obesity and Weight Loss

First meal of the diet chart (In the morning)

  • Till up to now if you have not tried this diet chart then you can follow this diet chart.
  • In the morning, the intake of water on an empty stomach is beneficial because it eliminates the toxins from the body and acts as a blood purifier.
  • For effective results add lemon in lukewarm water, it will keep your stomach healthy.
  • Diabetic patients should avoid sugar and hypertensive patients should avoid the intake of salt.

Benefits of consumption of lemon water on an empty stomach:

  • Drinking lemonade is the best way to reduce weight. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and other essential nutrients that fight against diseases and prevents the body from infections. It also protects the body from respiratory disorders such as cough and cold.
  • Consumption of lemonade also prevents from symptoms associated with diabetes. It is considered as the better alternative to high sugar content juices and drinks.
  • Lemonade not only reduces weight but it also protects the liver against infections and keeps the liver healthy. It maintains the proper functioning of the liver. Lemon contains citric acid which helps in maintaining proper functioning of enzymes in the body. It is very beneficial to the liver.
  • Lemonade also contains flavonoids which keep the digestion process healthy. This is the main reason, the lemonade is given, when there is an alteration of the digestion process. Regular drinking of lemonade in the morning increases the appetite and also provides relief from acidity.

Second Meal of Diet Chart (Breakfast)

  • Do breakfast after 2 hours of drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach. Intake of nutrients rich diet is recommended because the body needs nutrients for its proper functioning.

Diet to be followed:

  • 2 boiled eggs, boiled vegetables such as cabbage (rich in high fibers, low calories and also contains vitamin C), cauliflower contains vitamin C, K and rich in fiber), tomato, sugar beets etc.
  • Consumption of low-fat milk or you can take lentils of chana or green grams and low-fat milk with it.
Ideal Diet Chart for Obesity and Weight Loss

Benefits of these foods:

  • Eggs are considered as the best source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Egg are not only a good source of minerals but also helpful in reducing weight. Eggs not only helps in reducing weight but also good  for bones, hair and pregnant women.
  • If you want to boost up the immunity of the body then increase the intake of boiled vegetables.
  • This will keep you fit and healthy. Boiled vegetables reduce the fat content in the body and also control the body weight.
  • To reduce weight, avoid the consumption of fat-rich diet as much as possible.

Third meal of diet chart (3 hours after breakfast):

  • Drink green tea or coconut water.
  • Benefits of green tea and coconut water:

Green Tea

  • Green Tea has an antioxidant property that reduces the damage of healthy cells.
  • Green tea has the ability to fight against diseases.
  • Consumption of green tea for 2 to 3 days helps the body to get rid of diseases.

Coconut water

  • Coconut water is the best beverage to reduce weight. It contains low calories and easy to digest.
  • Consumption of coconut water increases the rate of the body’s metabolism which burns the sugar and reduces the fat content of the body.

The fourth meal of diet chart (In Afternoon)

  • In the afternoon, along with vegetables and chappati, increase the intake of salad, for example, leafy greens, tomato, onion, radish, carrot etc. You can also take pulses and prepare vegetables with only one spoon of oil. It will balance the weight or you can also take brown rice along with raita of cucumber with it.


  • People who feel hungry should eat salad. Salad keeps body weight under control and reduces the fat content.
  • Consumption of grams is beneficial because they are rich in proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals. They have low fat and calorie content.
  • Brown rice is the great source of fibers which is helpful in maintaining the healthy digestion process. Cucumber contains high water content and low-calorie content which is the best source to reduce weight.

The fifth meal of diet chart (2 hours after lunch):

  • It is necessary to include green tea after lunch because it increases the digestion process and the nutrients content present in it reduces the body’s weight.

The sixth meal of diet chart (Evening snacks):

  • Take murmure with plenty of vegetables and add lemon to it because it is rich in vitamin C or you can take fruits or sprouted pulses.


  • This provides nutrition to the body and also reduces the body’s weight.
  • Fruits fulfill the deficiency of vitamins and also prevent the body from diseases.
  • Sprouted pulses provide strength to your bones and make them strong and also helpful in reducing weight.

The Seventh meal of Diet Chart (Dinner)

  • Generally, people eat less breakfast and heavy dinner while it should be reversed. If you want to reduce weight then you should take a low-calorie diet at night.


  • You should eat a salad at night. Salad of green leafy vegetables because with salad your body will get fiber, as well as intake of fiber, will lessen your appetite.
  • You may take chicken at night but those who are vegetarian can  take pulses.