Miraculous Treatment for Arthritis Disease

Ayurveda correlates arthritis with Aam-Vata that is Rheumatoid arthritis. In Ayurveda, the undigested food due to weak digestion when moving from abdomen causes an imbalance of doshas in the body that leads to the formation of aam. Decreased digestive fire results in giving birth to different diseases. The pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis as per Ayurveda is enteropathy gives origin to antigens (aam) of the gastro-intestinal tract that circulates in the blood. This produces antibodies, the antigen-antibody reaction forms a complex immune response. It causes immune-inflammation in the connective tissues system that leads to the formation of rheumatoid arthritis.

The acute phase of rheumatoid arthritis shows sign and symptoms like indigestion, pain and swelling of large joints, weight loss, excessive salivation, heaviness, lethargicness, burning sensation, polyurea, heaviness and pain in flanks, vomiting, vertigo, fainting, heaviness in cardiac region, constipation, flatulence, low grade fever, anemia etc.

The chronic stage shows symptoms like flexion deformity, contractures, ankylosis, and spindle-shaped finger etc. As per doshas the signs and symptoms are acute joint pain, insomnia, vertigo, intense burning, excessive thirst, redness, itching, indigestion, heaviness, polyurea etc.

अपच्य मानं शुक्तत्वं यात्य अन्नं विष रूप ताम। (च चि १५/४४)

This shloka represents that the food when not gets digested properly causes acidity. Undigested food causes poison like destruction in the body.

विरुद्ध आहार चेष्टस्य मंदाग्ने निश्च्लस्य च।

स्निग्धं भुक्तवतो हृ अन्नम व्यायमं कुर्वतस्तथा। (मा। नि २५ /१)

This shloka of Madhav Nidana represents those wrong food items like eating milk with black gram etc causes slow digestion and loss of appetite. Eating fried, oily food items and not doing exercises causes improper digestion. This undigested food forms aama in the body that is responsible for aamvata.

अंगमर्दो अरुचिः तृष्णा हृ ास्यं गौरवं ज्वर।

अपाक: शूनताअंगा नामा ंवातस्य लक्षणम। (मा। नि २५ /६)

Pain in the body, loss of appetite, thirst, heaviness in the chest, fever, indigestion, etc are the reasons for aamvata.

Ayurvedic Treatment an Amazing Miraculous Treatment for Arthritis Patients

  • For arthritis disease always prefer Ayurvedic treatments. According to Ayurveda, this disease is known as aam-Vata. In Ayurveda, its treatment is done in a purposeful manner. Drinking castor oil with milk is very beneficial in the treatment of gout.
  • Moreover, arthritis disease is commonly found in people with an age of 50 years or more. But in present adults and children had also been suffered from it. Arthritis is also known as rheumatoid arthritis in which pain and swelling get started in the joints. This disease doesn’t occur immediately but slowly-slowly it covers your whole body, so proper treatment is very important.
  • It’s not necessary that you have to start with allopathic treatment but for this, you can take the help of Ayurvedic treatment. According to Ayurveda for different types of Arthritis-like Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Juvenile arthritis, and Ankolysing spondylitis etc treatment is easily available. In this lecture let’s see in detail that how can we treat arthritis through Ayurveda?

Ayurveda and Arthritis

Arthritis basically happens due to genetic disorder but sometimes it may be due to infectious or other diseases. Rheumatoid Arthritis is known as aam-Vata in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda the causative factors for rheumatoid arthritis are disturbed digestion, wrong eating habits, and imbalance of Vata dosha due to lifestyle.

Dincharaya (Daily Routine)

In rheumatoid arthritis, not only medicines work but a good diet also plays an important role. As per Ayurvedic treatment firstly we have to detect the main causes for its development and after that, we have to focus on the proper treatment. If a person has arthritis due to an imbalance of Vata dosha and due to doshas that cause a weak digestive system than in Ayurveda its treatment is to balance dosha in the body and to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Miraculous Treatment for Arthritis Disease

Ayurvedic Treatment

According to Ayurveda as in arthritis not only treatment is important but a change in lifestyle is needed as per instructions. There are different types of exercises for an arthritis patient. These patients should drink 25 ml of castor oil with milk once or twice in a week. Besides this, an Ayurvedic practitioner should give treatment on the basis of signs, symptoms or the seriousness of the disease. In the treatment for relieving pain anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory medicines have been given and along with that patient should take proper rest.

Dietary Habits

  1. According to Ayurveda patients should take proper care of the disease. Avoid oily or spicy food items and in diet avoid intake of too many proteins. In food items include pigweed, fenugreek, mustard leaves, spinach, green leafy vegetables, yellow lentils, orange lentils, pointed gourd, ridge gourd, bottle gourd, grapes, pomegranate, papaya, etc in your diet. Except for this using garlic and ginger in your diet is very beneficial.
  2. For proper treatment of arthritis, a strong immune system and a powerful digestive system are very important so along with proper exercise eating good food is also very important.
  3. Safe Ayurvedic Treatment for Joint Problems doesn’t go for knee replacement.
  4. This post is for those people that had taken medicines from different doctors in the world but hadn’t got any proper relief.
  • Do you have swelling in your knees?
  • Do your knees feel tik-tik sound?
  • Do you have pain in your knees?
  • Does your knee go unnoticed in your knee?
  • Do you sometimes get pain in the whole leg or in the waist or in the shin?
  • Do you have any recommendations for knee replacement?
  • So, don’t take tension we have some amazing Ayurvedic remedies for all these problems.

Take dry ginger, black pepper, peepal, harad, seeds of moringa (50 gram each) and babool leaves 200 grams. Take all these herbs and make a fine powder. Sieve the mixture and store it in a glass container. Now your medicine is ready. Take one teaspoon with lukewarm water twice daily half an hour after meals. This remedy will remove your pain and swelling.

Things to be Avoided

Avoid all types of lentils (except yellow and orange), rice, tamarind, sour mangoes, oily food items, processed food, and the food that causes gastritis should not be taken.

Things that You Have to Eat

  • Ridge gourd, bottle gourd, beans, drumsticks, cucumber, round gourd, pointed gourd, (eat soyabeans+ horse gram+green gram sprouts)
  • Eat chapati in less quantity and vegetables in more quantity.
  • In dry fruits eat 2 to 4 walnuts or fresh coconut pieces daily.

Timings of Eating Your Meals

  • Do breakfast in between 8:00 to 9:00am
  • Lunch between 12:00 to 1:00pm
  • Dinner between 5:00 to 6:00pm

Full your tummy as much as you can in the morning. Eat half meals in lunch and at dinner eat half a portion of your lunch.

Do exercise daily, walk bare feet on green grass, every day get up early in the morning and take a sunbath, do yoga to stay away from diseases. Naturopathy is the best way for it.

If you are away from nature, then the punishment that has been found in nature will be forgotten, nature will forgive you and give you a healthy life.