Proven Health Benefits of Black Plum in Diabetes


Do you remember how we used to throw stones at the Jamun (black plum or Java plum) tree so that some of its fruits fall, during our childhood. At that time we just teased each other when the color of our tongue and mouth changed to purple. We didn’t care about how healthy this fruit is, specially for diabetic people. It has a slightly unique sweet taste.

Most of the fruits are not good for diabetic people, due to their fructose content is very high, but this black plum is too good for them and a powerhouse for their health too.

Jamun Health Benefits

Jamun is usually recommended by the doctors to the patients of diabetes  This fruit contains miraculous compounds like polyphenolic, which cure  all heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. It is considered the best healing fruit for diabetes, stomach pain and arthritis.

The fruit also cures some digestive troubles like dysentery and flatulence. It does have a name called Syzygium cumini, which gives the ripe fruits during May & June. Mostly it is confused with blackberries because both appear the same. Now we are going to discuss this fruit’s health benefits.

What are The Health Benefits of Black Plum

A Natural Blood Purifier:

  • This fruits help in purifies the blood and  it is gods gift  by nature. The iron contains in this fruit makes the blood carry oxygen and hemoglobin to various organs of the body. This helps in toning the skin and keep all skin problems at an arm’s length.A flawless & radiant skin is a clear sign of how authentic our blood is?

How to Use

  • You can also apply a paste of Jamun seeds and apply it on the acne, it eliminates it and chances of recurring reduce.

Takes Dental Care:

  • This fruit has abundance of vitamin C in it, which makes the whole jaw line strong. Vitamin C also helps in curing bleeding gums. The anti-bacterial property of its juice throws out all the toxins from the mouth, thus it prevents bad breath too, it always make  you feel fresh and strong.

Helps in Digestion:

  • Jamun plays the role of a coolant that helps in digestive troubles like diarrhea, dysentery, dyspepsia and indigestion. It’s powder, which is made from the bark of this tree regulates the bowel movements and eliminates the wastes  regularly from time to time. The juice of this fruit enhances saliva, which breaks the food we eat faster, thus making digestion an easy job.
Health Benefits of Indian Blackberry

Great for Heart’s Health:

  • Jamun contains tritepenoids, which prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. It also has oleanolic acid that has anti-diabetic properties that prevents your body from getting diabetic, doing urination frequently and saves you from excessive thirst, as the atmosphere is hot in May. It also reduces the pace of accumulation of sugar & lipids in the blood.

Cures Respiratory Troubles:

  • Thru this tree bark powder is prepard,then boil this powder in plain water for about 15 to 20 minutes. Let it cool down on its own, drink this mixture when the drink is still warm, it is sure shot formula that saves a person from asthma. When you drink this mixture along with eating its fruit, it helps in curing mouth ulcers, eases the pain in the gums and stomatitis. This bark mixture is also used to heal leucorrhoea in females.

Enhances Stamina:

  • Jamun juice proves to be a tonic that enhances the stamina of a body. It is a wonder that cures anemia and enhances the sexual power. It’s juice has to be mixed with amla juice and raw honey, according to your taste, before you hit the sack every night. This juice is a tonic that reduces inflammation and removes all the free radicals from the whole body and throws them out. This juice also helps in curing urinary troubles and intestinal worming.

Has Abundance of Minerals:

  • It has so many minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamin C and calcium, which enhances the strength of bones and prevents from osteoporosis and many other problems that occur due to lack of calcium in the body. This fruit has enough nutritious elements that the body gets fully satisfied. All these nutrients keep the nervous system healthy. The Polyphemus and anthocyanins, which are present in this Jamun fruit have anti-carcinogenic properties, you reduce the risk of getting cancer.


  • This fruit has anti-bacterial properties that keeps all the bacteria at bay, making our body safe from any infection, the body is often ambushed by the bacteria. The vitamin C of Jamun helps in healing a sore throat and cures even the severe cough. It also enhances the power of the cells, which help in healing the minor cuts and wounds, which one gets during the journey of life. Thus the cuts & wounds heal faster. This fruit plays a role that snubs histamine, meaning it combats all allergic reactions. It provides so much energy to the body, that you go through your routine in a more enthusiastic way.

Prevents Cancer:

  • It’s fruit has lots of anti-oxidants in it, which is why it makes it famous as an anti-cancer fruit. The free radicals that are responsible for cancer growth are butchered by the anti-oxidants, known as polyphenols and anthocyanins present in this tree’s fruit. You don’t get a chance for cancer cells to grow up.

Helps In Red Blood Cells Formation:

  • Deficiency of red blood cells can cause low concentration pattern, weaker body, fragile bones, anemia and emotional disturbances. Consuming 100 grams of Jamun regularly fills the body’s requirement of producing red blood cells. It’s iron content is enough to make your physical appearance look more healthier.


  • Now we realize the benefits that the Java plum or Jamun bestows on our body. If you don’t get the access to its fruits for the whole year, better go for the option in having Madhumehantak-Churna, which is available online at It’s just a click away which is made under the watchful eyes of a renowned & qualified Ayurvedic doctor. All its ingredients are organic & authentic. What are you waiting for?