Systemic Scleroderma – A Rare Auto-Immune Disease!

Once you get affected by the Scleroderma, don’t panic, be in an optimistic mood. The conditions might change in life, but never say die as every problem has a solution. Remain optimistic and happy. If you stay optimistic, you win half the battle. In fact, this disease is a rare auto-immune disease, which sees the body attacking its own connective tissues. So, the tissue becomes stiff and swelled. Currently, no cure has been found yet.

My first symptoms appeared when I had gone to get my GP done, because my hands got swollen and felt pain in them. But the clinic sent me back saying nothing was wrong, but I had a gut feeling that everything wasn’t right. After about 5, 6 months I landed at a clinic, which is a national center for scleroderma and I was diagnosed and found infected by this rare disease.

Most of its symptoms begin on the skin, and the result is losing the flexibility of the skin and later on it spreads to other vital organs of the body like lungs, heart, gut and kidneys, making their functions abnormal. As the disease began growing it did begin affecting my tissues and joints, making an impossible task to straighten my fingers or close my fist firmly. I couldn’t wake up nicely in the morning, spending the whole day in bed as getting up was too painful. I couldn’t change my clothes or have a bath and couldn’t even climb my stairs or get down to go to my office for doing my job. I behaved like a statue.

I didn’t know anyone in the city who could take care of me as my hubby was in the Army and posted in Afghanistan at that time. I couldn’t contact him, but I had his cousin’s number with me and she lived in my city. I called her, “ Hello Sandra, how are you?” I asked her. “I am fine, but you don’t seem fine as you are not talking as you used to, is everything all right?” she asked. “No, but I can’t explain in detail, please come to my home to know the details,” I replied, it was getting harder for me to speak. “OK, don’t worry I am coming in an hour, fine?” she inquired. “OK, sure” and I turned off my mobile. I could hardly move.

Systemic Scleroderma - A Rare Auto-Immune Disease!
Systemic Scleroderma – A Rare Auto-Immune Disease!

After an hour I could hear her car come inside our house and could hear her locking the car and climbing up the stairs. She was shocked to see my condition, “oh my god! You need to be in the hospital, shall I help you get there?” she asked. “No” I replied even the hospital staff has no medicine to cure me and I can just go there and they take good care of mine until….., no I don’t want to die in a hospital, it’s much better to die at your home,” I could barely speak. She took my reports and studied them. “So, you have scleroderma, ok, but doesn’t it have medicine to cure you?” she asked. “Nope, I don’t think so” was the reply.

“But I have a remedy, you remember, a couple of years back when doctors had said that cancer of John (Her hubby) couldn’t be cured I contacted a herbal remedy doctor and he soothed the cancer symptoms within a year and a half from John’s body, remember?” she said. I nodded my head as it was a painful thing to speak. “Where’s your laptop?” she asked. I pointed towards a cupboard, she went there, opened the cupboard and took out the laptop and began working on it. I saw her reach the web site of and have their what’s app number and dialing her mobile on their number.

“Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you,” a lady said. “Ma’am this is Mrs. John speaking, the same John you treated for cancer a couple of years ago, remember? She said. “Ah….let me think John from Hercules, yeah yeah I do remember, is the fine or something wrong happened to him?” she asked. “He is normal ma’am, this time it’s his cousin, she has become stiff with the scleroderma and don’t know what to do, you have a cure?” she inquired. “You know we have the cure for all the diseases and you know how to follow the procedure, can I have a word with her?” she asked. “Actually, ma’am her voice has become dysphonia and making it difficult to speak, that’s why I am talking on her behalf” was all Sandra could say. “Ok you know how to follow the procedure, better do that” came the reply. She turned off the phone and turned to me asking me the reports that confirmed scleroderma and clinical details too.

She clicked all the photos and posted them. She also knew the history about of our family and narrated all to them. Then she took a wet towel and began cleaning my texture and I felt like sobbing, “don’t cry dear, trust me when they can eradicate the cancer, this disease is very minute for them” she encouraged me. After sometime her phone rang and the voice said, “this is Planet Ayurveda and we have a Sclero Care Pack and you know from where to get it, Fresno I mean” a lady said. “Sure, ma’am now I know that place like the back of my hand, I and John have been there 3 or 4 times” Sandra said. “Now she has to follow a ways and means proper diet and the diet is she has to take tiny meals, but take more frequently, instead of 3 meals she can have 5 but tiny ones, she has to choose organic & fresh foods, add rosemary, basil, oregano, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, paprika, turmeric and curry powder to her diet and don’t forget to drink fresh, filtered water, the more she drinks the better it is, OK, fine and get well soon, Amy” she switched off her phone.

The very next day both Sandra and John brought all the things from an organic farm and went to Fresno to get my pack and returned the next day. Sandra asked her husband to leave her with me, so then she could nurse me in my difficult times. He agreed and bid me farewell and went back to his job, he was a cop in a nearby city.

She nursed me properly and just gave me the diet recommended by that ma’am at Planet Ayurveda and I could feel my fingers moving after 22, 23 days and I was just normal after 2 and a half months. I thank Sandra and Planet Ayurveda for giving me a new life. THANKS.