Those Who Eat Bread Without Ghee Have Been Fooled, You Know What the Truth Is?

Let us know the facts and not worry about gossip. Friends, a voice comes from every house, “You must bring bread without ghee”, it will also be coming from your home, but refusing ghee is to refuse the direct health benefit. Traditionally, people used ghee in daily meals. India is famous as an agricultural country and most of the farmers used to eat Pure ghee as cow’s and buffalo’s, and made them appear physically strong.

Our ancestors just survived with Pure ghee and toiled in the fields doing physical work, that’s the reason why they survived for so long in a healthy style. Even the females were the natural beauties that produced 7, 8 kids and still looked young as they had to work so hard. The homes lacked from the facilities that can easily be attained, today. Ghee enhanced the men’s libido.

All just believed in the saying, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’! It certainly means that they were really tough people, only after consuming Pure ghee. At that time people didn’t know anything about the refined oils and adulterated ghee. There were no hypocrites, but honest people who had a great texture of their shining skin.

Ghee means the pure ghee of indigenous cow. Ghee was considered to be a good health booster. And diseases like cholesterol and heart attack were never even heard of.

But again, the negative publicity of the ghee started, when massive foreign companies started with Negative Publicity to ghee in people to sell their waste and useless products after making an accord with the doctors. And they said that along with ghee comes obesity, cholesterol, enhances and it makes you more prone to getting a heart attack. While , this is completely wrong. While refined and other vegetable oils are the ones that cause all these diseases.

Ghee holds a formidable place in Ayurveda. It is the most miraculous food that has lots of positive energy, that from dal to vegetable dishes, halwas to chapattis, ghee is found to be a regular player, which most healthy people enjoy. Swapping the ghee with refined oils of the present times, is considered to be the biggest blunder in modern cooking.

If the people get sick, only then the business of doctor’s flourish. With this thought, these doctors also brought these foreign looters. Now some indigenous companies also have opened their shops in this market, producing these refined oils and earning handsomely. In fact, gradually people began believing that food made from pure ghee is very harmful and not healthy. Making people aware that ghee food has made them health conscience and all felt proud. Because when you hear the same thing on radio time and again, it seems to be actual facts.

While ghee eating is not harmful, but healthy. Ghee is a feather in your own nest, with thousands of positive properties, especially the cow’s ghee is nectar itself. Ghee does not boost cholesterol in our body, but also helps in reducing it. It helps in reducing the cholesterol level after triggering the secretion of biliary lipids. It is much safer than the butter.

The majority of the people, who are health conscious believe in having a fat free diet and exercising intensively. But still, all fats are not bad for your health, there are fats which are good for your healthy body, even ghee is also a good fat.

Ghee is carved out from butter. According to Ayurveda it enhances the digestion power, absorption power of the intestines and reduces acidic ph of our gastrointestinal tract. Ghee is quite elite in possessing omega-3 fatty acids, which help in reducing cholesterol level. Cow’s ghee has the ability to eliminate the free radicals and encourages an oxidation process.

Ghee does not expand your obesity but also reduces body fat. Ghee forms a perfect balance between Vata and Pitta doshas. Kapha can have ghee in self-control. Vata needs the oil and Agni (digestive fire) stoke from ghee. Pitta require the Agni stoke and the cooling effect, which comes from ghee. Kapha needs just a little ghee because its nature is oily and cool. It helps in maintaining a balance between the three.

Ghee is the only fat that is unique in enhancing Agni (digestive fire/metabolism). Just imagine eating a super tasty fat that enhances your ability to digest and subsume foods as well as, gives a little boost to our metabolism department. And is yummy, isn’t it magic?

The main property of ghee is, it’s antiviral property which prevents all infections from striking the body. Study was conducted on consumption of ghee and was found that ghee can be good for reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

Regular intake of ghee works as a brain tonic, making you look smart & sharp. Ghee is especially important for the physical and mental growth of the growing children. It is beneficial before they are born, it has lots of Vitamin K2, ghee plays a vital role in the development of the baby’s facial features and teeth.

Ghee is one of the most preferred vehicles for elation; a process when oil is consumed over a period of time. In fact, it helps pull-out fat-soluble toxins out of the cells and triggers fat metabolism, beginning a process where the body kick-starts to burn its own fat, for the fuel it needs to do so many physical activities.

Then there are people, which just stand and sit with the sound of dying of your body bones, due to the lack of lubricants in your bones, if you do not eat ghee regularly, your bones become very fragile. Thus, it strengthens your muscles and makes your bones feel more nourished.

Ghee enhances our immune system. And helps you fight against plenty of diseases. Ghee also keeps our digestive system healthy, which is the biggest problem these days. The butyric acid in ghee also promotes immunity, by enhancing the production of killer T cells in the gut.

In present times, every second person is a patient of constipation. Many times, of the day, are spent in the toilet. It lubricates your intestines and gives relief from constipation, makes the flow of stool smoother.

Thus, it prevents degenerative changes in our muscles and skeletal system, prevents pre-mature aging, keeping your skin flexible and prevents Alzheimer’s disease, which mostly happens during the old age.

Now we should talk about how much and how to eat ghee.

4 tablespoons of ghee are enough for a normal person in a day. Ghee can be added to your cooked dishes or can be eaten raw, it doesn’t matter. Ghee is very beneficial in both ways.

And most importantly, if you want to look the most glowing, shining and young, eat ghee regularly, because ghee being an anti-oxidant that keeps your skin radiant and supple.

Share this information with people around you, for the good health of yourself and theirs. But those who do not eat Ghee bread, send them this post, by any means. But better be aware if you suffer from any cholesterol problem, then refrain from having ghee, but is a boon for healthy people.