Vegetables to be Eaten in Diabetes – Dr Vikram Chauhan


Diabetes is such a dreadful disorder in which an individual has to think much about what to eat and what to avoid. There are some vegetables which can be consumed by diabetic patients as they help in controlling diabetes so include them in your daily diet.

Diabetes Treatment in Ayurveda

Let’s know about the vegetables that help in controlling diabetes.


  • Tomato is very beneficial in diabetes. The sour taste of tomato helps in reducing the sugar levels and the quantity of sugar in the urine is slowly decreased.


  • Consumption of cucumber in salad and taking 100 gm cucumber juice in the morning and evening regularly is very beneficial in diabetes.


  • Gourd is very useful for diabetic patients. It can be eaten as raw, in salads or its vegetable can be prepared. Taking gourd’s juice on an empty stomach is  quite beneficial in diabetes. Add a pinch of rock salt in gourd’s juice.

4.Bitter Gourd:

  • Bitter gourd stimulates the pancreas and increases the level of insulin hormone. It contains insulin in adequate quantity. This insulin helps in controlling the sugar levels both in urine and blood. In diabetes, its juice, vegetable and powder are very beneficial.


  • Beans contain insulin. It contains an adequate amount of fiber as well which is very beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. Diabetic patients should take vegetable prepared from beans and one cup of raw beans juice should be consumed twice a day.


  • Its vegetable is very beneficial in diabetes. So, it should be consumed by a diabetic patient regularly.


  • Pumpkin is a rich source of Vitamin C, iron, unsaturated fat, anti-oxidants, and folic acid. By consumption of pumpkin, diabetic patients are benefited greatly and it helps in the prevention of diabetes as well.
Diet for Diabetic

The best and simple remedy for diabetes, must read!!

  • When a person suffers from diabetes, it means that a person who takes all sugary things throughout the day (sugar, sweets, jaggery etc.), do not digest and metabolize properly. The pancreas does not produce enough insulin and as a result, this sugar is excreted out with urine. This condition is also known as sugar in the urine. Individuals who have excessive anxiety, attachment, and depression suffer from diabetes.
  • In the initial stages, there is an increase in appetite which gradually decreases. Loss of weight and constipation also occur. Frequent urine and presence of sugar in the urine also occurs and there is the loss of weight. The wound in the body does not heal faster.

An Ayurvedic remedy for diabetes that can be prepared at home.


  1. 100 gm fenugreek seeds
  2. 100 gm bay leaves
  3. 150 gm seeds of Jamun (Indian blackberry)

Dry all these leaves by keeping them in the sun and mix all the ingredients.

How to take

  • Take 1 spoon of this powder with warm water before breakfast in the morning and 1 spoon in the evening before taking dinner.
  • It is an effective remedy for diabetes. This remedy should be taken consecutively for 45-60 days.

Following four tips or points are beneficial for diabetic patients. Must read!!

If you follow these simple tips and include them in your lifestyle, then even chronic diabetes can be treated successfully. These tips are beneficial in both types of diabetes. The medicines which were not showing their effects will start giving results.

These are

1.Oil Pulling

  • In the morning before brushing teeth, take 10 ml (mustard, coconut, sesame or groundnut) oil in a mouth and swish it for 15-20 minutes. Care should be taken not to swallow it. Then, spit it out.

2.Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia)

  • Sticks: After oil pulling, chew giloy sticks. Swallow the juice that comes out by chewing the sticks. If giloy sticks are not available, then neem or babool sticks should be used. The juice of Giloy or Neem is a wonderful remedy for diabetic patients.

3. Morning Walk

  • Go for the morning walk in the park, try to walk as fast as you can. Walk barefoot on the rough or rocky floor as it helps in acupuncture which is very beneficial for diabetic patients.


  • Do yoga for at least 15 minutes regularly, specially Mandukasan for 5 minutes. Include Kapal bhati, Anulom vilom too. Mandukasan helps in the secretion of insulin from the pancreas and the cells start to absorb glucose accumulated in the body. Therefore, the sugar level in the blood is controlled.

A Simple Home Remedy for Diabetic Patients

  • Although there are hundreds of home remedies for diabetes but the remedy we are going to share today has been tested on many patients. This remedy works wonderfully and by its use for 2-3 months, patients can get rid of diabetes. If there is a problem in the future, then consume this mixture again.

The caution of making this formula is that all the ingredients should be fresh.

The ingredients are:

  • Neem leaves (Azadirachta indica)
  • Jamun leaves (Syzigium cumini)
  • Guava leaves (Psidium guajava)
  • Bael leaves (Aegle marmelos)
  • Mango leaves (Mangifera indica)
  • Gurmar (Cow plant) root (Gymnema sylvestre)

Take all the ingredients in equal quantities, wash them thoroughly and grind and put this mixture in a clean vessel. Now, put 16 times water to it (If the quantity of powder is 100 grams, then you need to add 1600 grams water) and put the vessel on  the low flame till water remains to one-fourth. Now, keep it for a while and let it cool down.After cooling, filter the mixture.

How to Take

  • Take 20-50 ml on an empty stomach in the morning. Do not eat or drink anything after half an hour after this.


  • Intake of sugar, tea, coffee, potatoes, refined flour, hydrogenated oil should be strictly avoided.